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80AH24V battery buried box

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battery buried box

The battery buried box is a product developed with the development and application of solar street lamps. Mainly used for battery equipment.

The battery buried box material is: polypropylene, PP, it is for the solar lamp project in the actual construction process encountered a variety of special problems and well-designed, fundamentally solve the solar street lamp buried battery at work In the process of conflicting issues such as waterproof, heat dissipation, and exhaust.

The battery buried box has the following product features:
1. The underground tank is sealed through the underground to solve the waterproof problem.
2. The buried box solves the problem of air permeability by extending the threading pipe to the bottom of the lamp post.
3.buried box through a unique barrier-style rib design, the effective implementation of the battery in the internal environment of heat insulation issues.


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